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theFMartini Interviews

theFMartini Interviews

Chrysanthos Panas: Reviving Athens through the Art of Entertainment!

Behind every success story, there is a personality. We tend to focus on the outcome, the milestones of every success persona, but often lose focus of the human factor, the character, history and beliefs. Chrysanthos Panas, together with his brother Spyros, are behind the iconic Island, Zonars and Salon de Bricolage, to name a few, both  visionaries with an impeccable work ethic, they have shaped and reformed the Athenian entertainment & hospitality scene. Chrysanthos, foresaw and came up with the term #AthensRiviera and now, along with his brother, they are focused on #AthensRevival: reviving the Athenian neighborhood around the Acropolis perimeter, back to its original glory!

For the past two decades, I have been incredibly lucky to call Chrysanthos my friend and been to every single one of his entertainment venues. So, before I lay down his success story in this interview, I would like to say the following: his friendship has had a big impact on my life, as he has loved and supported me, unconditionally, ever since the very first day we met. From his getting my mum’s permission to chaperone me on various nights out, to advising me on love dramas and disappointments, to being the very first to encourage me to start my own blog, to introducing me to Valentino and landing me an interview with Jack Pierson, to throwing me the best party at Zonars, the most elegant and sophisticated bar / restaurant in Athens. So, THANK YOU “Panas mou” for always believing in me and for being such a positive influence in my life. Continue Reading

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The Home Project, a therapeutic beauty day for the children – sponsored by Smashbox

“These girls need some laughter and happiness in their life”. That’s what Sofia Kouvelaki, Executive Director at The Home Project, told me. “They have been through so much trauma and hardships and I would like you to write and photograph them in a happy, therapeutic context. After all, they are kids, mostly teenagers and, despite their great stresses, they are also dealing with some very typical “teenage questions”… like, how to do their own make up! ”

So, this was my incentive to reach out and organize “The Home Project – Beauty Day”, sponsored by Smashbox cosmetics. With the kind help of Smashbox cosmetics, a team of five make-up artists came to one of the Home Project’s shelter for girls, and showed them how to do their own make up; they also provided them with a Smashbox beauty make-up kit bag to have. It was a day of joy in a therapeutic environment, it may have not changed the world, but it made fifteen girls very happy. We often forget that small actions do have an impact, and we all can find ways to help. People should help other people in need, as feelings have a universal language, they do matter and will always matter… Continue Reading

theFMartini Interviews

Apostolos Apostolakis, a greek e-force that knows no borders.

We live in a digital age and use online services to order deliveries, book a restaurant, find a taxi, a plumber or an electrician, a hairdresser or a nanny, rent an apartment, or even fix a doctor’s appointment! Take for instance, which currently has thousands of orders per day; with tens of thousands taxi calls, with hundreds of rentals in Athens, Dubai, Istanbul & New York and (that has also expanded in Belgium), with half a million visits per month… All these are services that have familiarised us with the internet, a tool mostly used in the past  to google and connect through Facebook. What they all have in common is the man who first saw the opportunity in these ideas and contributed to their success… Apostolos Apostolakis, Co-founder of, and, Investor and board member of, has supported more than 50 startups and is currently Co-founder and Partner of Venture Friends, a European VC fund investing in startups. Continue Reading

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Christianna Economou – “All we see is the sea!”

This is the story of an artist, who is seriously in love with her home country, Greece, its rich tradition & folklore and… its fishing boats! I was honestly amazed by this young girl’s deeds and positive outlook on life, who found herself disembarking the 2:00 AM sea-jet on Schoinoussa, wearing bright fuchsia pants and looking out of place, only to win the hearts and respect of the local community within a few months! Christianna Economou (@chrieco29) in collaboration with “Agoni Grammi Gonimi”, a platform that designs and implements educational and social programs in remote areas of Greece, is reviving & documenting local traditions and crafts in the Small Cyclades. Her creations, fishing boats named “Fearless Boats / Καράβια Που Δεν Φοβήθηκαν”, are becoming symbols of local customs re-invention and serve to remind us that we should always appreciate and reflect on a country’s history and past… and that the best journeys in life are made on “Fearless Boats”… Continue Reading

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What is Thermiva ??! Interview with Professor Peter Nikolaidis, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fetal Medicine Specialist

I use my blog to write about stories that inspire me and people I love & admire. This is a post of a very HOT topic, concerning a high percentage of women in their late 30s and over. It is an interview of not only a magnificent doctor, Professor Peter Nikolaidis; Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fetal Medicine Specialist , but also of a magnificent man! I know this for a fact, because he also happens to be… my stepfather! On all accounts, it takes a great man to be able to love and care for a stepchild as if it were his own, and this is exactly what he has done for me (and I haven’t been a piece of cake, either). So, on this very Q & A, I’m proud to write about him and the non-invasive Vulvovaginal Application he is the first to have introduced in Greece,  Thermiva, or else, as I like to call it: “The Vagina Rejuvenation Machine” ! Yes, you read that correctly… Get the full analysis below: Continue Reading

theFMartini Interviews

#theFMartini X Jack Pierson


I feel so honored and lucky to have interviewed Jack Pierson for #theFMartini! I was very excited to meet the incredible artist, whose works are collected by major museums worldwide, while he was in Athens for the opening of his exhibition at the Zoumboulakis Gallery. Pierson first began making his word-sculptures in 1991, utilizing found objects – mismatched letters salvaged from junkyards, old movie marquees, roadside diners, Las Vegas casinos, and other forsaken enterprises. His work can be admired in the collections of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, the Museum of the Contemporary Art, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among other museums worldwide, while his “Self-Portrait” series was presented in the 2004 Whitney Biennial. He has photographed many well-known celebrities and models, including Naomi Cambell, Snoop Dogg, & Brad Pitt. Continue Reading

theFMartini Interviews

John Paul DeJoria Interview

This is an interview of an outstandingly inspiring man Who Did Well and then Did Good – John Paul DeJoria. He is a Greek-American entrepreneur and philanthropist, Co-founder of Paul Mitchell and the Patron Tequila, two visionary, iconic companies. He has struggled against the odds, was  homeless twice in his life and  today, he is estimated to have a three-billion-dollar fortune! Continue Reading

theFMartini Interviews

HRH Princess Tatiana on Greece, Love, Living healthy and Collaborations

 I interviewed HRH Princess Tatiana (nee Tatiana Blatnik)  at the Athens Yacht  Club, the venue where she had officially announced her engagement to HRH Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark. She walked in tall, elegant, beautiful and welcomed me with a big, authentic smile! I was stunned by her incredible energy, she has a great  sense of humor and immediately “broke the ice”,  by starting to “interview” me instead, right on the spot! Unpretentious and dynamic, she then answered all my questions with the essence of a woman, who has lived and travelled all over the world and navigates life with great grace, as well as with the outmost “joie de vivre”.

Continue Reading

theFMartini Interviews

Costas Voyatzis on Yatzer & Life

Costas Voyatzis, or else the man behind the very successful Yatzer – a global online destination that allows readers to discover the most globe engaging, creative projects, as well as the people making their mark in design, art, fashion and travel – is what I like to call my “Blog Idol”. I have always been a great fan of his work and super refined aesthetics. After all, and especially in Greece, no-one else has managed to create and design such an internationally acclaimed and awarded online platform.

Continue Reading

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VENYX – Eugenie Niarchos introduces her “Elementa” Collection

I was introduced to Eugenie Niarchos a few years ago, through some common friends, and I have witnessed her both on vacation and in sheer professional mode. The first thing I feel the urge to write about her is that she oozes elegance like no other. Yes, she is extremely stylish and very fashionable, but her real charm is not about that. Her mannerisms, stare, the subtle tone of her voice are so polite, kind and aristocratic that constitute the essence of her fair beauty.
Continue Reading

theFMartini Interviews

the “F” bottle of wine!

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to catch up with one of my oldest and best friends, Greg Tsouloufris, who also happens to be the owner of the hottest Mykonian club, Moni. He suggested I should include some videos in my blog and, after a few glasses of wine, I made him do an impromptu one with me, right on the spot! Continue Reading

theFMartini Interviews

Eleni Kairi on the “Feng Shui of Love”

I met Eleni Kairi, a Harmony of Space Consultant, some months ago, when I went to her latest book presentation, entitled “Well-Being in Love”. Being an eternal believer and seeker of  love myself, I was very curious to find out more on the subject. So, after the book presentation, I went up to the author to get my copy signed and ask her for an interview. Continue Reading

theFMartini Interviews

Paperless Post – Interviewing James Hirschfeld

I met James Hirschfeld, Co-founder and CEO of Paperless Post , last summer at a Cycladic Museum Young Patrons party, in Mykonos. Obviously, like so many of us, I’ve been a fan and a user of Paperless Post, a company of immense success that over the past eight years, has re-established the standards of modern correspondence, combining beautiful design and seamless technology. I mean… there is slim to no chance that anyone of us hasn’t sent or received a Paperless Post invitation for a birthday party, wedding, christening or dinner at some point or another! Continue Reading

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Aliki-Marcadia Lampropoulos on #CycladicYoung

This is what I know about Aliki… She is kind and well rounded; an explorer and a world traveller. She is a hard worker and a serious doer; a loyal friend with a perfect dosage of craziness and brilliant mind. So brilliant and educated in fact, that she captivates me whenever I hear her speak. I honestly forget that she is three years younger than me and I shut up and listen to what she has to say (Yes, that can happen too…!). This is also pretty obvious if you look at our pics, taken during a private tour she gave me at the Museum of Cycladic Art, where she is currently working. Continue Reading

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Vicky Vlachonis – Hollywood’s MSc Osteopath & Pain Expert Guru

I have been a great admirer of Vicky Vlachonis, an Osteopath, pain expert and author of The Body Doesn’t Lie, for many years, ever since I read one of her first wellness contributing articles on Goop! She shares her holistic healing treatments and methods all around the world with some of the world’s most notable personalities, such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz, Nicole Richie, Katy Perry, Chris Martin and Elton John. Continue Reading

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