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The Home Project, a therapeutic beauty day for the children – sponsored by Smashbox

“These girls need some laughter and happiness in their life”. That’s what Sofia Kouvelaki, Executive Director at The Home Project, told me. “They have been through so much trauma and hardships and I would like you to write and photograph them in a happy, therapeutic context. After all, they are kids, mostly teenagers and, despite their great stresses, they are also dealing with some very typical “teenage questions”… like, how to do their own make up! ”

So, this was my incentive to reach out and organize “The Home Project – Beauty Day”, sponsored by Smashbox cosmetics. With the kind help of Smashbox cosmetics, a team of five make-up artists came to one of the Home Project’s shelter for girls, and showed them how to do their own make up; they also provided them with a Smashbox beauty make-up kit bag to have. It was a day of joy in a therapeutic environment, it may have not changed the world, but it made fifteen girls very happy. We often forget that small actions do have an impact, and we all can find ways to help. People should help other people in need, as feelings have a universal language, they do matter and will always matter… Continue Reading

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Twilly d’Hermès x theFMartini Video

So happy & honored to have been chosen as a Greek Ambassador for Twilly d’Hermès, the new women’s perfume by Hermès! Inspired by the colorful, silk scarves, Twilly d’Hermès is such a daring fragrance, floral, spicy & exotic! “Designed for women who swim against the tide, impose their own rhythm and invent a brand new tempo ” – Christine Nagel, Hermès perfumer.

Can you think of anything better?!
LOVE to start my day with #Twilly !

Check the Video I made below: Continue Reading

theFMartini Thoughts

Next Level Dating: Single Dads!


I had never thought I would, one day, find myself trying out the “Single Dads” portion on the dating menu… Apparently, however, if you are single, in your thirties and looking for an older man (aka late thirties or forties), the chances of bumping into a divorced guy with kids are high! This was the case a year ago, when I found myself in Mykonos, flirting with this gorgeous Italian guy and the moment he reached his phone to take my number, I noticed, to my surprise, his little daughter on the screensaver … And so, this was my introduction to what I like to call… Next level dating: Single Dads! Continue Reading

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F #Birthday!

Today, it’s my #Birthday and looking back at this year, I have to say it’s been AMAZING! I turned my Love for writing into #theFMartini, my blog that  has given me a new purpose and so many great opportunities.
Through my #thefmartiniadventures I’ve travelled, met and interviewed extraordinary people and made new friends & relationships that I cherish. I’m so grateful for everyone that has supported, followed and helped me. Thank you for sticking around and for being by my side. I’m truly blessed.

And as for those that have challenged me, or my loved ones… I thank you for the inspiration! And Oh, don’t worry – I will write about you, too… #theFMartini style! Continue Reading

theFMartini Thoughts

John Paul DeJoria Interview – How this #theFMartiniadventure came to be

A few weeks ago, I experienced one my greatest and most surreal #theFMartini moments when, completely impromptu, I interviewed the iconic John Paul DeJoria! The Greek-American entrepreneur and philanthropsist, Co-founder of Paul Mitchell and the Patron Tequila, was invited by The Hellenic Initiative and the THI international Ambassador, Tatiana Blatnik,   to talk about “How to start a business with little or no money“, in the Athens Hilton hotel. Considering #theFMartini, my own entrepreneurial baby step, I thought it would be quite the fit to take some bullet points and advice from this man, who had been homeless twice in his life, and now is a Billionaire! Continue Reading

theFMartini Thoughts

On Cutting Off Negativity…

I had often heard about the importance of surrounding ourselves with positive people and influences. I mean, even on instagram, quotes about releasing ourselves from anything that doesn’t contribute to our personal evolution, pop-up daily on our feeds! Continue Reading

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The “Fantasy Guy” a.k.a. the Ugly Truth!

In life, especially when it comes to love interests, there are times when we – or at least some of us – find ourselves fantasizing about unavailable loves, ones that are not that into us. Yet, we tend to blow things out of proportion, decipher every little incident, a.k.a. text msg, nod or like on insta. Continue Reading

theFMartini Thoughts

Poem: The Guest House by Rumi

As we are about to kick start a New Year of adventures, I thought about sharing a favorite poem  –  The Guest House. Written by the 13th century Persian poet, theologian and Sufi Mystic Rumi, it is one of the most frequently recited poems in mindfulness.

Continue Reading

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