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    HRH Princess Tatiana on Greece, Love, Living healthy and Collaborations

     I interviewed HRH Princess Tatiana (nee Tatiana Blatnik)  at the Athens Yacht  Club, the venue where she had officially announced her engagement to HRH Prince Nikolaos of Greece and Denmark. She walked in tall, elegant, beautiful and welcomed me with a big, authentic smile! I was stunned by her incredible energy, she has a great  sense of humor and immediately “broke the ice”,  by starting to “interview” me instead, right on the spot! Unpretentious and dynamic, she then answered all my questions with the essence of a woman, who has lived and travelled all over the world and navigates life with great grace, as well as with the outmost “joie de vivre”.

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    #FlyBeyond at Le Logis – GREY GOOSE’S exquisite Home!

    A few weeks ago, GREY GOOSE invited me on a one of a kind press trip. I got to visit (and record in detail) Le Logis, GREY GOOSE’s home located in the Cognac region of France! The property itself is a 17th century French manor (once home to the lords of the region), with impeccably elegant interiors that depict the brand’s class & style. As for the exterior,  grounds carefully planted and landscaped, there are vineyards and a greenhouse with a variety of fruits and herbs from the local countryside.

  • Cocktails

    Le Grand Fizz

    Went to Le Logis Grey Goose’s home in France and learned how to do Le Grand Fizz! The brand’s signature cocktail which is  perfect for summer!

  • Greek Destinations


    I’m falling in love with #SKIATHOS over time, and the more I visit it, it’s becoming evident to me that, at this stage of my life, this is my favorite Greek island to be! I had been many times in the past in Skiathos, but I can’t say I was as infatuated as I am today.  As with every destination, however, if you visit it with “the right people” and get to go to “the right places“, then you get a sense of the local vibe, you find all the hidden gems and have the best food! You experience the best of what the island has to offer and get to see the sheer beauty of it!

  • Around the World Cocktails

    #StellaLand – Stella Artois Greece X theFMartini in LA!

    I recently visited Los Angeles together with another blonde lady… She is from Belgium and her name is none other than Stella Artois! She quickly became my new favorite beer and companion (Martinis were put on hold for this trip..!), not only because of  her lovely fair color and delicious taste, but also because she combines another favorite element of mine:  Stars! “Stella” means star in Latin and that’s why there is one in every bottle!

  • Cocktails

    Gentlemen’s Greyhound

    Got a new fixation, ideal for a cocktail, even on an Easter week ; ) “Gentlemen’s Greyhound” made with delicious Three Cents Gentlemen’s Soda!

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    Costas Voyatzis on Yatzer & Life

    Costas Voyatzis, or else the man behind the very successful Yatzer – a global online destination that allows readers to discover the most globe engaging, creative projects, as well as the people making their mark in design, art, fashion and travel – is what I like to call my “Blog Idol”. I have always been a great fan of his work and super refined aesthetics. After all, and especially in Greece, no-one else has managed to create and design such an internationally acclaimed and awarded online platform.

  • Cocktails

    Three Cents “Gentlemen’s Soda” (Ladies love it, too!)

    I’m a great fan and supporter of Greek products and Greek success stories, and Three Cents could be no exception, as it also happens to combine my  love for cocktails & drinks! In one of my recent bar expeditions, I discovered the Three Cents, new flavor called “Gentlemen’s Soda“. It is a unique Mediterranean citrus flavor of aromatic bergamont and zesty mandarin. Refreshing scents along with flavorsome natural ingredients and carbonated water make it one of the most delicious mixers in the market! Perfect to have plain with ice or in a citrus flavored cocktail… Yes, there is a custom recipe coming up on the blog!

  • Greek Destinations


    The more I grow up, the more I get to adore and admire Greece’s countless beauties. Though there are many landmarks I have visited in my childhood and I’m familiar with, I often realise that over the years, I have lost track of the exact details and images. I have grown a nostalgia for rediscovering my country and legacy, ultimately believing that through such expeditions, I get to rediscover parts of myself, too. And so in this spirit, on a cloudy and mystical day, my girlfriends and I visited, once again, the famous ancient sanctuary of Delphi!

  • Fashion

    Sara Battaglia bags

    I mostly write about Greek brands and designers, but Italian designer’s Sara Battaglia’s bags have been on my wish list for quite some time now…! Her burgundy Lips Tote bag (currently sold out!) initially caught my attention, for it is just  a perfect mix of chic, witty and contemporary take for a day bag! Then, I obviously started following her on insta and loved all of  her rainbow bucket bags, elegant cross body bags & fringed clutches that truly resemble no other.

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    Turmeric Chai Latte

    Ever since I learned about Turmeric’s powerful Anti-inflamatory and Antioxidant benefits, I’ve been using in almost everything that I cook; salad dressings, pasta, quinoa, curries & cakes. Literally all my foods have a yellow color these days!   Christina Vlahoulis, got inspired by my new obsession and decided to create, what else but a drink  for me, to enjoy and to put an end on my yellow food mania!

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    VENYX – Eugenie Niarchos introduces her “Elementa” Collection

    I was introduced to Eugenie Niarchos a few years ago, through some common friends, and I have witnessed her both on vacation and in sheer professional mode. The first thing I feel the urge to write about her is that she oozes elegance like no other. Yes, she is extremely stylish and very fashionable, but her real charm is not about that. Her mannerisms, stare, the subtle tone of her voice are so polite, kind and aristocratic that constitute the essence of her fair beauty.

  • Athens My Love

    SNFCC – Athens Breathtaking Addition!

    It is my honest belief that Athens is going through a revival phase; this is a capital that not only has great history and culture, but it also counts many contemporary gems that have marked a new era for this city. Certainly, one of  the most breathtaking new additions is the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, an urban, multifunctional complex of creativity, culture and recreation that signifies civic pride at its best!

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    Weekend in Vienna

    Vienna can be a very romantic city to visit, the Opera, Palaces and Museums are mesmerising. Klimt’s incredible “The Kiss” painting is also there to see. And don’t get me started on the food… Schnitzels, Hot-dog stands to sin for, Apple Strudels and Chocolat Viennois…! You get the picture, head to the  rest of the post to see more suggestions.

  • Fashion

    275th ATHENS the Velvet Collection

    When Tereza Callitsas, the designer behind 275th Athens and a good friend, asked me to model for her F/W 2016-2017 sexy, velvet collection, my first reaction was:  – Yes! And then… Wait, don’t you want someone taller? I mean, like a real model that can really pose? To which she replied: – Fotini, I’ve seen you pose a hundred times for instagram, I’m sure you can pull it off!  : )

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