A Magic Cabinet’s Tale!

Everything has to be done with passion! And this is really the essence and what actually characterizes Eugenia Chandris and her own passion project, “A Magic Cabinet”:  an online platform that combines magic journeys in Greece, through editorial storytelling and e-shopping of exquisite craftsmanship products; one of a kind beauty and fashion products, home decoration and even a range of pet accessories! All exquisitely hand-picked, tried, smelled (yes, smelled!) and tested by Mrs Chandris, who has skillfully given a new dimension to her mother’s magic cabinet. I met her one afternoon for the interview and was smitten not only by her sophisticated aesthetics, but also by her incredible ability to create pictures,  fantasy worlds and transfer you throughout Greece and back to her childhood summers through her words. She truly has a superb way of eloquently narrating her stories, her passions and her “A Magic Cabinet”… Continue Reading

Cocktails Martinis & Food

No Martini, No Party!

It is no secret that I’ve always been a Martini lover and fan, and so, I was thrilled when I was asked to collaborate with Martini Fiero this summer. At a time when almost every instagram photo is super staged, I’m a big believer…

Fashion Interviews

Elvira Di Gaia Shoe Heaven

EN | GR I was acquainted with the gifted Elvira Panagiotopoulou, founder and designer of the Di Gaia luxury shoes, as well as Phi-male, her new collection of hand-made espadrilles, initially through Instagram; her unique, contemporary designs with pop, sexy, and Greek elements, immediately…

Athens My Love Martinis & Food

Grey Goose #MadeToCelebrate !

Grey Goose sophisticated night at Cycladic Museum, exquisite five course meal accompanied by the best Grey Goose Martini cocktails and of course, the best clan – our Grey Goose family! Oh, and also Santa was there too and yes, he brought presents! Merry Moments!…


Richard Bellia’s Rock Photography

EN | GR I met the French photographer Richard Bellia at the Foyer of Pallas theatre in Athens, at the exhibition organized by Muse Constant, which kick-started the global tour of his book “An Eye on Music”. Bellia made his “rock photography” debut in 1980, and has…


“Ο Αγαπημένος Παππούς” Φαίη Μπαρμπαλιά – Μάνεση

EN | GR Τα παραμύθια είναι πολλές φορές απατηλά: ο πρίγκιπας σώζει πάντα το  ανήμπορο κορίτσι που βρίσκεται σε κίνδυνο· ο μοχθηρός, αιμοβόρος δράκος καταδιώκει και τρομάζει τα αθώα παιδιά και ούτω καθεξής … Σπάνια, βρίσκει κανείς μια αληθινή παιδική ιστορία που να αναφέρεται…


Zina Wilde talking Billions.

EN | GR Zina Wilde is Greek, a life coach, and actress from Thessaloniki that made it to New York and became a member of the “Billions” cast, the TV show starring Damian Lewis, which is a mega hit! In this interview, she tells…

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