Grey Goose Spetses Experience



Looking back on summer, my Grey Goose Spetses Weekend for the Regatta 2018 was definitely my highlight! I was so very fortunate to be a Grey Goose Greece ambassador for a second year and get to live, first-hand, the iconic brand’s sophisticated and tailor-made experiences. The Grey Goose team is truly a gem! Professionals, innovative and incredibly kind, they organized one- of- a kind experiences and events, in order to immerse us into the brand’s sophisticated, yet, contemporary philosophy. This time, I got to spend an exquisite weekend in one of my favorite islands, Spetses, get a front-row view of the Regatta, learn from the best mixologist experts how to prepare killer vodka martini cocktails, as well as taste gourmet vodka infused dishes at the Grey Goose Home – a beautiful  Spetses villa, specially “formulated” for the weekend!

This is my photo diary, get a glimpse of my GG Summer Experience!

*Sip Responsibly.

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