Richard Bellia’s Rock Photography


I met the French photographer Richard Bellia at the Foyer of Pallas theatre in Athens, at the exhibition organized by Muse Constant, which kick-started the global tour of his book “An Eye on Music”. Bellia made his “rock photography” debut in 1980, and has since worked for publications like Melody Maker and Liberation, capturing music acts ranging from AC/DC, A Tribe Called Quest, Billy Corgan and Erykah Badu to Lana Del Rey, Marilyn Manson, Nirvana, Radiohead, Placebo and Tricky, to name a few. I was lucky to have an intense and fun conversation with him and his pictures of Paul McCartney and Nirvana as a backdrop. He was direct, polite and honest about his thoughts and work and gave me a sneak peek of what it is really like to go backstage, get to hang out with and make friends with rock legends! He also told me his raw unfiltered opinion on digital photography and selfies – which I must say I found very unique! Oh, and he also gave me some tips on how to pose and get a good photo – safe to say I learned from the Best! Merci beaucoup, Richard!
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“Ο Αγαπημένος Παππούς” Φαίη Μπαρμπαλιά – Μάνεση

EN | GR Τα παραμύθια είναι πολλές φορές απατηλά: ο πρίγκιπας σώζει πάντα το  ανήμπορο κορίτσι που βρίσκεται σε κίνδυνο· ο μοχθηρός, αιμοβόρος δράκος καταδιώκει και τρομάζει τα αθώα παιδιά και ούτω καθεξής … Σπάνια, βρίσκει κανείς μια αληθινή παιδική ιστορία που να αναφέρεται…


Zina Wilde talking Billions.

EN | GR Zina Wilde is Greek, a life coach, and actress from Thessaloniki that made it to New York and became a member of the “Billions” cast, the TV show starring Damian Lewis, which is a mega hit! In this interview, she tells…


Grey Goose Spetses Experience

EN | GR Looking back on summer, my Grey Goose Spetses Weekend for the Regatta 2018 was definitely my highlight! I was so very fortunate to be a Grey Goose Greece ambassador for a second year and get to live, first-hand, the iconic brand’s…


Frezyderm Summer Essentials

EN | GR I adore writing and working with successful Greek brands that I support and Frezyderm is certainly one of these since for years now I‘ve been a big fan and use their products which are based on breakthrough technologies and are top quality! For this summer I’ve…


A to Z Greek by Constantinos Varvitsiotis

EN | GR Constantinos Varvitsiotis is the man behind the “A to Z Greek”, a contemporary brand, a high-quality version of the greek souvenir, sold worldwide. He has been taking traditional greek summer symbols, such as the donkey, evil eye, watermelon, and turning them…


#theFMartiniAdventures so far!

EN | GR Two years ago, I created, an awarded site that has brought me so much happiness, new begininngs and creativity in my life. This is why I made this youtube video to celebrate what I have written about so far…  Exclusive…

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