I’ m not an expert on life, relationships, fashion, decoration or cooking. I’m a Greek girl though, who has an innate curiosity and interest in all of the above… And I love writing!  I’m a constant learner, I seek beauty in all shapes and forms and I’m a self-confessed foodie & cocktail lover. I’m someone who, every time she thinks she has finally mastered a life’s mystery, she ends up realizing that “Nope! It was just another level of understanding; how deep do these levels get anyway?!”.

#theFMartini is a collection of everything that is dear to me. Anything that I find beautiful or inspiring. I used to snap pictures, take notes, keep business cards, rip magazine pages of places to visit, recipes to try, books to read, wellness advice to follow, houses I wanted to live in, or even art, fashion pieces & jewellery that made my jaw drop. I would religiously keep them piled up in my iphone and drawers. Making a mental note, perhaps to revisit them or use them one day. Needless to say – I never did. So, I eventually decided as a serious OCD personality and a Virgo (for those who believe in signs) to organize my inspirations into a blog! And thus be able to explore, elaborate and share a little bit more than a simple “hashtag”, a “like” or a “pin”.

Through my posts, I write about my country’s beauties, emphasise my Greek heritage and “reveal” not only latest trends, events, brands and places to go to, but also all of sorts Greek Success stories, both on a national and international level.

My relationships, whether romantic ones, family, friendships or even the simplest acquaintances, have shaped and defined me, being the ones that inspire me the most. Ever so versatile, ever so changing, for me it has always been about connections. I have been so very fortunate to have had people around me, who have loved me and I have loved, who have supported me and I have supported, as well.

And I have met and co-existed with my fair share of bad apples and situations that got me down – I learned a lesson from them, as well. Sometimes again and again, as it seemed that I was only able to fully understand and move forward, through revising and repeating the same mistakes.

#theFMartini name came out of my favorite drink. I adore all Martini cocktails – there is something about a Martini glass that I find so elegant and stylish (even though after a few, it is the easiest drink to spill, when walking on heels!). I have also had this everlasting desire of naming a cocktail after me (bartenders have hardly shared the same opinion and “Fotini” is not exactly a popular name!) so, I went along and did it myself! This is not a “Go to” or “I know better” site. This is just me, sharing my experiences, writing about anything I love, admire or find intriguing. It is about suggesting and figuring  out.





Photo credit Dimitris The Athens
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