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#ANTIPAROS,  a small Cycladic boho island, carefree and original that has attracted many worldide celebrities  over the years! Especially on the last week of July and first weeks of August, the island is really buzzing with life and its tiny town, with traditional restaurants and bars, is crowded with sunkissed, good-looking people, both local and international. Antiparos can be a great place for family holidays and can be lived in a very tranquil & serene way…  But my memories from this island – especially on the first weeks of August – are those of an alternative & unpretentious party scene! Throughout summers, I have witnessed lots of hook-ups and beginnings of love stories taking place there. And I have to admit that I, too, have  fallen under the spell of the island on a rare blue moon…

So, here are some tips and spots I’ve gathered  from my Antiparos #theFMartiniAdventures, along with some pics.


Livadia (don’t go there on a northern-breeze windy day)
Beach House (sunbeds & restaurant right on the beach)
– Faneromeni
Soros (has sunbeds, can be very crowded, however, so better go there off season)
Mikros Soros (no sunbeds)
– Agios Sostis

Eat / Drink /Party

In Town
Sapou (Chef is self-taught and absolutely amazing – food is delicious!)
Lolos Pizza (Best Pizza!)
Elia Kafenion (try the mushroom ravioli & “MeThea” dry white wine, perfect wine for summer!)
Souvlaki Ecogeniako (this is tradition, you must have at least one souvlaki or two at some point!)
Margarita (Breakfast place, great fresh juices)
Vicky Ice cream (Best Ice cream and desserts)
Yam (for kids, has a playground)

Bugaloo (cocktail bar)
– Soul Sugar (relaxed cocktai heaven – must try flamming absinthe shots!)
Kafenion (Bar in town.  Occasionaly, some friends from Athens guest DJ, and those nights are the best!)
La Luna (After club, close to port. If you make it there, you’ve had a looong night!)


On the beach
Beach House (Boutique Hotel with private beach, restaurant & bar)
Taverna Peramataki (love this place, it is so simple and serene)
Sunset Deseo (Located a bit further from the beach – Best sunset view –  Go for an afternoon apperittivo or coffee)
Captain Pipinos (Fish Tavern)



There is one main street, where all the stores with really boho-chic findings are located. 

More than this  (check Katerina Psoma jewellery)
Zali Store @zaliantiparos (ask for Konstantinos, he is the best!)


– There are some beautiful summer houses for rent in Antiparos
Beach House (Boutique Hotel with private beach, restaurant & bar)


SUNTAN (one of my favourite Greek movies that captures the essence of Antiparos in the most accurate way!)




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