Winning the New Talent Marie Claire Blog Award – Behind the scenes

Winning the #MCBlogAwards2016 for the New Talent Category, sponsored by Belvedere Vodka, was such a great honor, for which I feel so grateful. Having a blog is far less glamorous than it might seem and, as far as I’m concerned, when I entered the arena of Blogs with the F Martini, I felt like the odd one out…

Well, I decided to start blogging, as I wanted to write and feel creative again. I was in my 30’s, going up against some very fashionable and insta-savvy twenty- year-olds. I, on the other hand, had absolutely no experience in wordpress, and no accountable social media followers to have a remotely competitive advantage – I still don’t! Hell, I had even closed my Facebook account since 2008, and when I decided to re-open it end of 2014, I was mortified to see tens of pics with my then ex on my timeline, which I wasn’t really sure how to permanently delete! I wasn’t even sure how to share a post or how to open a new page account for my upcoming blog!
To top that up, my family and some of my friends thought that I was absolutely bonkers and that I was going to fail terribly (Yeah, no pressure)! They wanted me to seek a “real” job and not spend my money aimlessly. I was also scared that I was going to fail terribly and felt rather uneasy with the exposure aspect of having a blog. However, I went along and did it anyway!

“Because I strongly felt that I was DONE with following other people’s expectations and dreams about myself and my life.”

I was also in desperate need of a creative get away. So, I kept my day job to support myself and I gave myself a budget and a time-limit to pursue this project. A year ago, I chose a name and logo for the F Martini and created a very basic, totally unprofessional blog, in order to express myself, on which I posted from time to time and with no real consistency or end-goal. A year later, with a very small fan-base, I faced the dilemma of whether I should shut it down completely or upgrade my game… I gave it some thought and hesitated for a while, until I realized that I still hadn’t really given this project all that I had. It was then that I decided to re-design and relaunch the F Martini. New logo design, new template, new strategy, new budget, new stress and new doubts have been my daily companions over the last few months. Finally, the F Martini made its debut with a new look & feel on June 1st , 2016. A few weeks later, I walked up on a stage at the Onassis Cultural Center, in Athens, and received an award for it…!

“I have no idea where the F Martini will take me and whether or not it will continue to be successful and win more awards in the future. I doubt and challenge myself every single day, some times more, sometimes less – in every single post that I write, in every single pic that I post.”

But, through this, I have found a passion and a voice. I also found a way to satisfy my endless curiosity for all sorts of matters. The interviews I take, the people I meet, the places I visit, the collaborations I make, fill my days with joy. Everything is done through effort and a lot of persistence.

“I guess the real award is not about being fearless, but about keeping on pursuing what makes you happy – at any given moment – no matter how afraid you might be.”

THANK YOU Marie Claire Greece!



thank you Christina Vlahoulis you were the best date ever!


with the beautiful @shopranoblog who won the “Belvedere Style Award”



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