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Elena Syraka’s lucky Bat Bone jewellery collection!

I have known Athens based jewellery designer, Elena Syraka, for many years and not only am I a huge admirer of her very creative jewels, but also of Elena’s elegant personality and dynamic take. She is an artist to the core, avant garde and open minded, with a very kind nature that I love!

She has come to be known for the uniqueness of the forms she creates and the use of unconventional materials. Due to the often dramatic character of her jewels, Elena has regularly been called upon to create pieces for the cinema and theatre and has exhibited her work in both solo and group art exhibitions. She has also been invited to design jewellery lines for a number of renowned fashion designer’s collections, as well as designs for international brands.

The Bat Bone collection, featured in this post (and my personal favourite!), was named after a greek saying: “He / she has the bat bone!”, used for someone who is lucky and to whom things come as they wish! The collection consists exclusively of bat claws, in different sizes and shapes, in 18 gold carats, with white or black diamonds, rubies and tsavorites. For the designer, the bat claw is a symbol of power and protection!

The photoshoot took place in Island C-Lounge check my post Vouliagmeni #AthensRiviera to found out more!





Elena Syraka’s Bat Bone Collection




Elena Syraka’s Bat Bone Collection






Photo credit: Anna Tagalou

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