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Alvertos Revach on AERA, a luxury footwear brand – 110% Sustainable and Certified Vegan!

This interview of my cousin Alvertos Revach was recorded pre-Covid-19 and, as I finally sit to write it down, I realize that, in a way, at least for me sentimentally, it happens to be relevant to these difficult times… Because it is in dark times like these that our primal fears take central stage; that we look within and quest for what is really of essence. Time is of essence, as it is not a given fact anymore, and we all wonder what the next day will bring. Family is of essence, those close to our heart, those we care and worry about the most, those we want to talk to, facetime and long to meet again. On a personal level, blog-wise, what has become of essence is to write, not just to produce pretty pictures and content, but to learn and evolve from the answers I get from my interviewees, who ultimately, take me a step further, not only from my own knowledge, but also from my own point of view. And as I’m writing these very words, I can’t help thinking how proud I am of my cousin Alvertos; of the way he thinks and acts, as well as of his deep concern about animal rights and environmental issues (long before they became a popular content on social media). He is a man with the courage to express his opinion and speak up in a kind, yet, firm and straight-forward manner, and even more so, to put his thoughts into action!  Continue Reading

Fashion Interviews

Elvira Di Gaia Shoe Heaven


I was acquainted with the gifted Elvira Panagiotopoulou, founder and designer of the Di Gaia luxury shoes, as well as Phi-male, her new collection of hand-made espadrilles, initially through Instagram; her unique, contemporary designs with pop, sexy, and Greek elements, immediately drew my attention! Later on, summer 2018, in Patmos, I met Elvira herself, a successful, dynamic, and beautiful woman with an international reputation – undoubtedly a Greek success story, and I asked her to let me visit her studio, learn more and admire her creations firsthand! Continue Reading

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The Home Project, a therapeutic beauty day for the children – sponsored by Smashbox

“These girls need some laughter and happiness in their life”. That’s what Sofia Kouvelaki, Executive Director at The Home Project, told me. “They have been through so much trauma and hardships and I would like you to write and photograph them in a happy, therapeutic context. After all, they are kids, mostly teenagers and, despite their great stresses, they are also dealing with some very typical “teenage questions”… like, how to do their own make up! ”

So, this was my incentive to reach out and organize “The Home Project – Beauty Day”, sponsored by Smashbox cosmetics. With the kind help of Smashbox cosmetics, a team of five make-up artists came to one of the Home Project’s shelter for girls, and showed them how to do their own make up; they also provided them with a Smashbox beauty make-up kit bag to have. It was a day of joy in a therapeutic environment, it may have not changed the world, but it made fifteen girls very happy. We often forget that small actions do have an impact, and we all can find ways to help. People should help other people in need, as feelings have a universal language, they do matter and will always matter… Continue Reading

Fashion Thoughts

Twilly d’Hermès x theFMartini Video

So happy & honored to have been chosen as a Greek Ambassador for Twilly d’Hermès, the new women’s perfume by Hermès! Inspired by the colorful, silk scarves, Twilly d’Hermès is such a daring fragrance, floral, spicy & exotic! “Designed for women who swim against the tide, impose their own rhythm and invent a brand new tempo ” – Christine Nagel, Hermès perfumer.

Can you think of anything better?!
LOVE to start my day with #Twilly !

Check the Video I made below: Continue Reading

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Hermès “Carré Mania” Party in Athens!

the f martini hermes party featured 2

Hermès has a strong, sophisticated personality, but it is the pure elegance, combined with the French origin that really make up the essence of the brand. The iconic “Birkin” bags unmistakably stand out; wanted by many, envied by even more; a symbol of class & refinement. However, at the Athenian party “Carré Mania”, celebrating the renovation of the Hermès boutique in Athens, it was the colorful scarves that stole the spotlight and took center stage. It was undoubtedly one of the best parties I have ever been to in Athens. Everything was organized and presented to the nines. The hosts were no other than Pierre- Alexis Dumas, Creative Director and Francesca Di Carrobio, Director of Hermès in Greece. The night was magical, full of color and silk… Continue Reading

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HEROES in Plaka – new gem souvenir shop by Eugenia Mela

I’ve known Eugenia Kokkala-Mela since we were both teenagers, spending our greek summers in Spetses. So, I was thrilled to write this post about HEROES, her sophisticated Souvenir Shop – an absolute gem in Athens, Plaka! She has always been this incredible beauty, so opinionated and educated that carries the air of a Greek girl that has grown up and lived most of her life abroad. Continue Reading

Editorials Fashion

Sara Battaglia bags

I mostly write about Greek brands and designers, but Italian designer’s Sara Battaglia’s bags have been on my wish list for quite some time now…! Her burgundy Lips Tote bag (currently sold out!) initially caught my attention, for it is just  a perfect mix of chic, witty and contemporary take for a day bag! Then, I obviously started following her on insta and loved all of  her rainbow bucket bags, elegant cross body bags & fringed clutches that truly resemble no other.
Continue Reading

Fashion Interviews

VENYX – Eugenie Niarchos introduces her “Elementa” Collection

I was introduced to Eugenie Niarchos a few years ago, through some common friends, and I have witnessed her both on vacation and in sheer professional mode. The first thing I feel the urge to write about her is that she oozes elegance like no other. Yes, she is extremely stylish and very fashionable, but her real charm is not about that. Her mannerisms, stare, the subtle tone of her voice are so polite, kind and aristocratic that constitute the essence of her fair beauty.
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