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Petr Shevchenko an Artist Going Beyond


Petr Shevchenko is a really good friend. Together we’ve had many laughs; he is kind-hearted and is always there to listen and encourage me. He is an amazing artist and I truly adore his art that channels so much spirituality and magic! His great talent will be showcased in a collateral event in this year’s Venice Biennale. Petr was born in Russia and raised in Switzerland and has been living in Athens for the past eight years, because he finds Greece wildly inspiring and loves its culture and people (Yes, he does!). He never ceases to remind me of the beauty of my own home country in fluent Greek, as he has become an avid speaker, turning our chats bilingual. I’m certain that many future interviews about him, will follow. Continue Reading


Grey Goose Spetses Experience



Looking back on summer, my Grey Goose Spetses Weekend for the Regatta 2018 was definitely my highlight! I was so very fortunate to be a Grey Goose Greece ambassador for a second year and get to live, first-hand, the iconic brand’s sophisticated and tailor-made experiences. The Grey Goose team is truly a gem! Professionals, innovative and incredibly kind, they organized one- of- a kind experiences and events, in order to immerse us into the brand’s sophisticated, yet, contemporary philosophy. This time, I got to spend an exquisite weekend in one of my favorite islands, Spetses, get a front-row view of the Regatta, learn from the best mixologist experts how to prepare killer vodka martini cocktails, as well as taste gourmet vodka infused dishes at the Grey Goose Home – a beautiful  Spetses villa, specially “formulated” for the weekend!

This is my photo diary, get a glimpse of my GG Summer Experience!

*Sip Responsibly.

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Frezyderm Summer Essentials


I adore writing and working with successful Greek brands that I support and Frezyderm is certainly one of these since for years now I‘ve been a big fan and use their products which are based on breakthrough technologies and are top quality! For this summer I’ve chosen to write about the absolute necessities, meaning what we all need with us on vacation! Continue Reading

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Christianna Economou – “All we see is the sea!”

This is the story of an artist, who is seriously in love with her home country, Greece, its rich tradition & folklore and… its fishing boats! I was honestly amazed by this young girl’s deeds and positive outlook on life, who found herself disembarking the 2:00 AM sea-jet on Schoinoussa, wearing bright fuchsia pants and looking out of place, only to win the hearts and respect of the local community within a few months! Christianna Economou (@chrieco29) in collaboration with “Agoni Grammi Gonimi”, a platform that designs and implements educational and social programs in remote areas of Greece, is reviving & documenting local traditions and crafts in the Small Cyclades. Her creations, fishing boats named “Fearless Boats / Καράβια Που Δεν Φοβήθηκαν”, are becoming symbols of local customs re-invention and serve to remind us that we should always appreciate and reflect on a country’s history and past… and that the best journeys in life are made on “Fearless Boats”… Continue Reading

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Aperitivo at #CaffeTorino – Athens First Negroni Bar!

#CaffeTorino, the famous apperitivo bar, sponsored by Martini, opened as a pop-up at Skouleniou 4, only for 3 days! I was one of the lucky ones to visit  it and get to taste the Martini Riserva cocktails first hand! The night was pure class and sheer fun, as the bar had been turned into #CaffeTorino, taking us all the way to Italy!  Among a sophisticated & elegant crowd , there were some of my favorite bloggers, chatting & snapping impeccable selfies, as well as  small companies of Italians, sitting at the bar. The food – italian bites of mozzarella, prosciutto crudo, Grana Padano and mini fried risotto balls – was droolingly yummy! I actually attacked those fried risotto balls and mozzarella bites several times in-between socializing! Continue Reading

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The Yoga Mama Club – Weekend retreat in Sifnos!

Invited by Sophie Ravier, the woman behind The Yoga Mama Club, I travelled to Sifnos to do a yoga weekend retreat for the closing of the summer season. I thought I was going there just to chill a bit from my continuous state of anxiety and get my muscles fired up again with the help of my bestie Zoe Karamani, who is an amazing Ashtanga teacher. But this was only part of the experience… The Yoga Mama Club is about rebooting and feeling inspired; it is really about Sophie Ravier’s energy & good intentions that aim to bring people together and offer a mini, rejuvenating, soul-soothing break. Continue Reading

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