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Petr Shevchenko an Artist Going Beyond


Petr Shevchenko is a really good friend. Together we’ve had many laughs; he is kind-hearted and is always there to listen and encourage me. He is an amazing artist and I truly adore his art that channels so much spirituality and magic! His great talent will be showcased in a collateral event in this year’s Venice Biennale. Petr was born in Russia and raised in Switzerland and has been living in Athens for the past eight years, because he finds Greece wildly inspiring and loves its culture and people (Yes, he does!). He never ceases to remind me of the beauty of my own home country in fluent Greek, as he has become an avid speaker, turning our chats bilingual. I’m certain that many future interviews about him, will follow. Continue Reading

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Christianna Economou – “All we see is the sea!”

This is the story of an artist, who is seriously in love with her home country, Greece, its rich tradition & folklore and… its fishing boats! I was honestly amazed by this young girl’s deeds and positive outlook on life, who found herself disembarking the 2:00 AM sea-jet on Schoinoussa, wearing bright fuchsia pants and looking out of place, only to win the hearts and respect of the local community within a few months! Christianna Economou (@chrieco29) in collaboration with “Agoni Grammi Gonimi”, a platform that designs and implements educational and social programs in remote areas of Greece, is reviving & documenting local traditions and crafts in the Small Cyclades. Her creations, fishing boats named “Fearless Boats / Καράβια Που Δεν Φοβήθηκαν”, are becoming symbols of local customs re-invention and serve to remind us that we should always appreciate and reflect on a country’s history and past… and that the best journeys in life are made on “Fearless Boats”… Continue Reading

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K-STUDIO a Phenomenal Greek Architecture Firm

I’m so proud to write about K-Studio, an architecture firm based in Athens, Greece, not only because it was established by UCL graduates, Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis, whom I have known since childhood, but more importantly because it has created some astonishing, well-known projects, both locally and internationally. To me, their work over the years is a testament that the Greek talent has no limits. And that creative experimentation and fresh thinking can lead to exciting architectural experiences on every scale and in all aspects of life. Continue Reading

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