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No Martini, No Party!

It is no secret that I’ve always been a Martini lover and fan, and so, I was thrilled when I was asked to collaborate with Martini Fiero this summer. At a time when almost every instagram photo is super staged, I’m a big believer in sharing your fun times with friends and actually trying to take spontaneous shots that depict the energy of the moment. In my quest to follow the above, this August, on the island of Skiathos, with my group of beloved friends, “my sunshine clan”,  we all had delicious Martini Fiero aperitifs from dusk till dawn! Truly, there are so many perfect moments for #MartiniTime: during the day on the beach, in the afternoon watching the sunset, at night with the girls discussing cocktails & dreams. Yes, together with our #MartiniCocktails, we all had fun this summer and took a serious breather to recharge and prepare for the new season. We took pics , laughed so hard while doing so, and revived the slogan of the 2000s Martini advertisement, starring George “No Martini, No Party!”, which we chimed joyfully before every click!

Thank you Stef, Olga, Danae, Aicha, Aliossa, Gary, JJ and the rest of the sunshine clan for the amazing time, memories and pics!

* Please enjoy MARTINI responsibly. Content to be shared with those of legal drinking age only

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#FlyBeyond at Le Logis – GREY GOOSE’S exquisite Home!

A few weeks ago, GREY GOOSE invited me on a one of a kind press trip. I got to visit (and record in detail) Le Logis, GREY GOOSE’s home located in the Cognac region of France! The property itself is a 17th century French manor (once home to the lords of the region), with impeccably elegant interiors that depict the brand’s class & style. As for the exterior,  grounds carefully planted and landscaped, there are vineyards and a greenhouse with a variety of fruits and herbs from the local countryside.

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#StellaLand – Stella Artois Greece X theFMartini in LA!

I recently visited Los Angeles together with another blonde lady… She is from Belgium and her name is none other than Stella Artois! She quickly became my new favorite beer and companion (Martinis were put on hold for this trip..!), not only because of  her lovely fair color and delicious taste, but also because she combines another favorite element of mine:  Stars! “Stella” means star in Latin and that’s why there is one in every bottle! Continue Reading

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Three Cents “Gentlemen’s Soda” (Ladies love it, too!)

I’m a great fan and supporter of Greek products and Greek success stories, and Three Cents could be no exception, as it also happens to combine my  love for cocktails & drinks! In one of my recent bar expeditions, I discovered the Three Cents, new flavor called “Gentlemen’s Soda“. It is a unique Mediterranean citrus flavor of aromatic bergamont and zesty mandarin. Refreshing scents along with flavorsome natural ingredients and carbonated water make it one of the most delicious mixers in the market! Perfect to have plain with ice or in a citrus flavored cocktail… Yes, there is a custom recipe coming up on the blog! Continue Reading

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Turmeric Chai Latte

Ever since I learned about Turmeric’s powerful Anti-inflamatory and Antioxidant benefits, I’ve been using in almost everything that I cook; salad dressings, pasta, quinoa, curries & cakes. Literally all my foods have a yellow color these days!  

Christina Vlahoulis, got inspired by my new obsession and decided to create, what else but a drink  for me, to enjoy and to put an end on my yellow food mania!

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