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#theFMartiniAdventures so far!


Two years ago, I created, an awarded site that has brought me so much happiness, new begininngs and creativity in my life. This is why I made this youtube video to celebrate what I have written about so far…  Exclusive interviews with public figures, such as Eugenie Niarchos, HRH Tatiana Blatnik, John Paul DeJoria, Vicky Vlachonis & Christopher Papakaliatis. Personal experiences and thoughts on love, friendships and relationships. Powered by my ferocious appetite to learn, my soft spot for Martini Cocktails and of course my love for Greece and all Greek Success Stories and brands.

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Who the “F” is Kate? lntroducing “The Indisposed”

Katherine Anne Jennings is an amazing lady and a hell of a writer, whom I was very lucky to have had as a roommate, back in my University days. She is also someone that has been battling a Chronic Kidney Disease, with all the psychological and physiological complications that come with it, ever since she was a little girl. This is part of her story, one that has had a crucial impact on her life, but truly, it is not what defines her. She is a woman of many talents and, through her strong writings, she empowers others and challenges beauty standards. She advocates what should be common knowledge really: when it comes to desirability, it is not the disability we see, but the person. She always radiates beauty, wittiness, kindness, poise and positivity. By the way, Kate you still look 18, as if not a day has gone by! 

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ENVOLVE Entrepreneurship – A global Community of Impact!

I’m committed to writing stories that aim to inspire and shed a “ray of hope” on Greek entrepreneurial endeavors. Greece has so many promising entrepreneurs, with great ideas, that wish to make a positive change and contribute to the improvement of this country’s economy and business quo. They seek guidance, education and support in order to realize projects and see their business prosper. Ideas are super important, but so many times, creative minds might not have the tools to create a solid business plan and thus, monetize a creative idea; or an excellent business plan might not have the funding to follow through and materialize a project that could potentially generate numerous job opportunities. Entrepreneurship needs guidance and support in order to flourish and become sustainable. When it does, success Stories that we all admire and get inspired by are created. Some of these success stories are already known to us: Anassa Organics, RTSafe, Yolenis, Blueground what they all have in common is Envolve (former HEA), a new global entrepreneurship support organization, which seeks to cultivate the next generation of business leaders through education, resources and regional awards. It is a new, non-profit organization that integrates Hellenic and American Entrepreneurship Awards and promises to reach wider international communities in need of economic stimulus. Continue Reading


Live Without Bullying

Live Without Bullying is a cause very close to my heart and I’m very proud to have been an ambassador for its TV Campaign. As I know firsthand what it is like to be a sensitive kid, who feels scared and sad (fancy being “petite” and from a broken family back in the 80s!) – and probably, the reason why I have developed to be a such an outspoken woman is partly because, on many occasions, growing up both in school and in family settings, I felt I had no voice. And it is a universal truth that in all kinds of societies, schools, groups and systems, there will always be bullies and people who will push you to your breaking point for no apparent reason… Merely because you stand out a bit more than the usual norm, due to  your skin color, religion, hereditary issues, psychological factors, sexuality, habits, the way you talk, your school grades (either they are too low or too high), your clothes, anything really can be a trigger point for severe psychological or, in some cases, physical attack. And the thing is, bullies are often they themselves traumatized or broken kids – which makes bullying a vicious circle of hurt. We live in a world where we take pride in globalization, unity and bringing people together through apps and social media. Yet, when it comes to bullying, kids are still being harassed, crying over not wanting to go to school, and nothing has really changed…. Continue Reading

Editorials Fashion Thoughts

The Home Project, a therapeutic beauty day for the children – sponsored by Smashbox

“These girls need some laughter and happiness in their life”. That’s what Sofia Kouvelaki, Executive Director at The Home Project, told me. “They have been through so much trauma and hardships and I would like you to write and photograph them in a happy, therapeutic context. After all, they are kids, mostly teenagers and, despite their great stresses, they are also dealing with some very typical “teenage questions”… like, how to do their own make up! ”

So, this was my incentive to reach out and organize “The Home Project – Beauty Day”, sponsored by Smashbox cosmetics. With the kind help of Smashbox cosmetics, a team of five make-up artists came to one of the Home Project’s shelter for girls, and showed them how to do their own make up; they also provided them with a Smashbox beauty make-up kit bag to have. It was a day of joy in a therapeutic environment, it may have not changed the world, but it made fifteen girls very happy. We often forget that small actions do have an impact, and we all can find ways to help. People should help other people in need, as feelings have a universal language, they do matter and will always matter… Continue Reading

Fashion Thoughts

Twilly d’Hermès x theFMartini Video

So happy & honored to have been chosen as a Greek Ambassador for Twilly d’Hermès, the new women’s perfume by Hermès! Inspired by the colorful, silk scarves, Twilly d’Hermès is such a daring fragrance, floral, spicy & exotic! “Designed for women who swim against the tide, impose their own rhythm and invent a brand new tempo ” – Christine Nagel, Hermès perfumer.

Can you think of anything better?!
LOVE to start my day with #Twilly !

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Next Level Dating: Single Dads!


I had never thought I would, one day, find myself trying out the “Single Dads” portion on the dating menu… Apparently, however, if you are single, in your thirties and looking for an older man (aka late thirties or forties), the chances of bumping into a divorced guy with kids are high! This was the case a year ago, when I found myself in Mykonos, flirting with this gorgeous Italian guy and the moment he reached his phone to take my number, I noticed, to my surprise, his little daughter on the screensaver … And so, this was my introduction to what I like to call… Next level dating: Single Dads! Continue Reading


F #Birthday!

Today, it’s my #Birthday and looking back at this year, I have to say it’s been AMAZING! I turned my Love for writing into #theFMartini, my blog that  has given me a new purpose and so many great opportunities.
Through my #thefmartiniadventures I’ve travelled, met and interviewed extraordinary people and made new friends & relationships that I cherish. I’m so grateful for everyone that has supported, followed and helped me. Thank you for sticking around and for being by my side. I’m truly blessed.

And as for those that have challenged me, or my loved ones… I thank you for the inspiration! And Oh, don’t worry – I will write about you, too… #theFMartini style! Continue Reading

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