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DELOS tour, by Cycladic Young Patrons

Greece has jaw-dropping archaeoligical sites and monuments to see and, definitely, Delos is on the top of that list! I’m embarrassed to admit, though, (since I’m a greek, who grew up and lives in Greece and all…) that the last time I visited the magical island of Delos… I was more or less six years old!

And so this summer (all grown up), I was delighted to hear that the Cycladic Museum and more specifically, the Cycladic Young Patrons, had organized a private tour of Delos for us members! This was part of the Cycladic Young Patrons Summer weekend that took place both in Mykonos and Delos. What is more, the archaeoligical site tour director was Nicholas Chr. Stampolidis, who is also the director of the Museum of Cycladic Art (N. & D. Goulandris Foundation) in Athens. An author of eight books, including The Seal-Impressions from Delos (1992, in Greek) and a prominent academic figure in organizing and curating archaeoligical exhibitions.

Arrived – pure greek Magic!

Delos has an amazing, vibrant energy that can be felt all over the island.

Meditating… kinda!

Making new friends! We met uber cool and truly bohemian actor Orpheas, who guards the archaeoligical site of Delos in his spare time. He was amazing and helped me snap some really cool pictures for my blog.

Like this one, with the Penis/ Phallus stone statues of the Greek God Dionysus!

Everything they say about the greek light being the best in the world is absolutely true!

Total Serenity

Delos from above

Last minute we had the bright idea of wandering away from our group to take some extra pics – got momentarily lost in the archaeologocical ruins and nearly lost our ferry back to Mykonos…! But I took this awesome pic of Zoe & Stef.





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