Eleni Kairi on the “Feng Shui of Love”

I met Eleni Kairi, a Harmony of Space Consultant, some months ago, when I went to her latest book presentation, entitled “Well-Being in Love”. Being an eternal believer and seeker of  love myself, I was very curious to find out more on the subject. So, after the book presentation, I went up to the author to get my copy signed and ask her for an interview.

Eleni Kairi studied Harmony of Space – The Art of Ef Zin” (Well-Being) both in the Feng Shui Network International and the Feng Shui School in the  UK. She has specialized in Environmental Psychologyn and she is also a great admirer of the Ancient Greeks and their philosophy.  She is an eccentric woman, very kind – I would describe her as noble-mannered – and thoroughly educated. I had the pleasure to be invited to her home and witness myself how she practises “The Art of Well-Being” in her own harmonious space! She offered me the most aromatic filter coffee with a pinch of salt to balance the flavor and we discussed all sorts of matters, concerning Feng Shui, Energies and Environmental Psychology…






What exactly is Hellenic Feng Shui and how can it improve our love life?

Hellenic Feng Shui is a term I use only as a point of reference for this art. It became known as “Feng Shui”, although I do not follow the Chinese approach. I name it “Harmony of Space – The Art of Ef Zin” (Well-Being), based on the ancient Greek philosophy, suitable for the West, since Western culture has its roots in the ancient Greek civilization.
Harmony of Space is the harmonization of humans with their environment and themselves. It can help you enormously improve your life in all areas, as it preaches harmony and beauty in the external environment and our inner world. Your love life can turn out to be as you wish!

Love needs beauty and charm, and harmony at home offers them richly. By applying the Art of Well-Being with simple, effective, economical, feasible means, suitable for every taste, your home will become a cosy nest. As this will highly affect your inner world, which will be equally harmonized, your love life will miraculously improve. Our environment shapes our personality, and as our home nests large part of our life, it consequently shapes our love life, as well.


For those of us who are looking for love, what can we do in order to succeed in our quest?

In my latest book, recently published in greek under the title “Well-Being in Love” (Το Φενγκ Σούι του Έρωτα – To Eρωτικό Ευ Ζην), which deals only with the burning issue of human relationships, I give precise instructions on the subject. The most important thing is to achieve the ancient greek ideal “know thyself.” Knowing yourself is the A to Z of esoteric philosophy. It is vital to know who you are and what you really seek, in order to find the right match. Looking within and finding out your true self creates balance and clarity of thought, which is the most important prerequisite for finding the suitable partner. How can you know who the right person for you is, if you do not know your own self?

You must love and be in love with yourself in order to truly love somebody else and truly be loved in return. You must be in love with everything: with your home, with your job, with nature, and everything this wonderful planet offers; you must be in love with Now, the Present and whatever you do every day, so that you derive pleasure from it and create the high energy, which is needed for whatever we want to achieve; you must be in love with Life, so that it gives you what you wish.



What do we mean when we refer to Environmental Psychology and how much does it affect us?

Environmental Psychology examines the influence of the environment, whether it is the immediate one, like the area we live in, or our inner world. The kind of visual stimuli that we get from our own space, whether private or at work, i.e. furniture, lighting, decorative objects, as well as the buildings and the general aura of an area, influence us directly. A harmonious environment creates beneficial energy; on the contrary, when in disharmony, unpleasant feelings are produced, very often subconsciously and can cause insecurity, phobias, confusion and lack of clarity, which will, in turn, affect people’s relationships and love-life negatively.


 What does “Burdened Energy” refer to?

Burdened Energy is caused by unpleasant events and it cannot be neutralized. This pre-existing energy remains in a place, either at home or the work place, and it can also negatively affect the new tenants or owners, who might experience the same or similar occurrences.

Space clearing helps the creation of a completely regenerated space. A few easy tips: burn sage essential oil in order to clear the space and open the windows for a while, so that the old energy dispels.


How can we shield ourselves from negative people and negative energy?

By simply not being in their company, no matter how close they might be to you, and not frequenting places, where you do not feel at ease and you know that energy is not good for you. You should also avoid thinking of such people, situations and circumstances, forget about them, not let yourself be hurt. People do to us what we allow them to do. Do not dwell on the past and be with people simply because you’ve known them for long, if they are not the right ones. Be open to change, which brings new perspectives and new happiness.



Eleni Kairi’s book “The Feng Shui of Love” coming soon in English too!







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