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Exhibition Launch Party of John Armleder in Mykonos

This summer, August began with the Exhibition Launch Party of John Armleder in Mykonos, initiated and presented by Christos Economou, in collaboration with Nicolai Frahm. I loved the brazilian drum parade that signaled the opening and walked passed John Armleder’s work, giving it somehow a third dimension. But most of all, I loved having the chance and honor to meet and chat with the artist himself, who was incredibly kind and avant-garde. Inspired by one of his wall-paintings, we talked about the significance of repeated motifs in his work and how, through repeating graphic images and symbols, these graphics are “cancelled”, as they become an ornament; and then, a single ornament is taken back to one single page, which becomes an icon – as John himself explained to me. The exhibition combines visual art, sculpture and interior design as a way to demonstrate the artist’s unique approach and prolific output through samples of his most recent work.


About John Armleder

John Armleder (born 1948, in Geneva) lives and works in Geneva and New York. He is one of the most important and influential Swiss artists of his generation. He is a performance artist, painter, sculptor, critic, and curator. His work is based on his involvement with Fluxus in the 1960s and 1970s, when he created performance art pieces, installations and collective art activities that were strongly influenced by John Cage. He has created an inimitable universe of diverse works that oscillate fluidly between the fields of art, design, concept, geometry, Pop and Trash. The objects, installations, paintings, sculptures and performances he has created in recent years have always been eclectic in their nature and appearance. His paintings are often juxtaposed with furniture or design objects or hung on wallpaper of repeated motifs. However, Armleder’s position throughout his career has been to avoid associating his artistic practice with any type of manifesto.

04 August – 25 September, 2016
Athens Fine Art School
Mykonos 846 00


Wandering around the exhibition – Brights lights always attracted me!




My bestie in action!





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