Who the “F” is Kate? lntroducing “The Indisposed”

Katherine Anne Jennings is an amazing lady and a hell of a writer, whom I was very lucky to have had as a roommate, back in my University days. She is also someone that has been battling a Chronic Kidney Disease, with all the psychological and physiological complications that come with it, ever since she was a little girl. This is part of her story, one that has had a crucial impact on her life, but truly, it is not what defines her. She is a woman of many talents and, through her strong writings, she empowers others and challenges beauty standards. She advocates what should be common knowledge really: when it comes to desirability, it is not the disability we see, but the person. She always radiates beauty, wittiness, kindness, poise and positivity. By the way, Kate you still look 18, as if not a day has gone by! 

Back in the “roommate days”, she was studying English literature (and she was very good at it!) and I, Graphic design (head in clouds, always planning for my next London night out). I remember she was constantly with a book in hand and we would discuss literature; to her, I credit my knowledge of the phrase “It’s a Catch 22!” (term coined by Joseph Heller’s book, which, till this day, gives me such literature pride every time I use it!). Together we have shared many laughs, secrets and endless pasta & “Desperate Housewives” evenings. I was thrilled to read she has started her own blog and I couldn’t be prouder to share with you her latest kick-ass post!

Good Luck Kate – your success is a sure thing!


What is a ‘sexy’ body? Is it a slim one? A toned one? One with scars? One with missing limbs? For centuries humans have worried about their appearance to greater and lesser degrees. The confidence that you have in yourself is (in part) derived from how you feel about your body. When Henry VIII was
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