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Hermès “Carré Mania” Party in Athens!

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Hermès has a strong, sophisticated personality, but it is the pure elegance, combined with the French origin that really make up the essence of the brand. The iconic “Birkin” bags unmistakably stand out; wanted by many, envied by even more; a symbol of class & refinement. However, at the Athenian party “Carré Mania”, celebrating the renovation of the Hermès boutique in Athens, it was the colorful scarves that stole the spotlight and took center stage. It was undoubtedly one of the best parties I have ever been to in Athens. Everything was organized and presented to the nines. The hosts were no other than Pierre- Alexis Dumas, Creative Director and Francesca Di Carrobio, Director of Hermès in Greece. The night was magical, full of color and silk…

I stepped into the wonderfully decorated venue that evening and truly felt carried away by the Hermès elegant beauty. The venue was the Athens Consevatoire (the perfect mix of modern & urban), the dj was Emilie Fouilloux and the décor breathtaking. Motifs were alternating from one hall to the other: from the “Blue Bar” with exquisite cocktails to the “Mongolian Yurt”, where Mr. Irma was narrating stories of “Appaloosa des Steppes” – a new design inspired by motifs of traditional mongolian carpets  –  to the artists who were painting instantly your portrait on canvases, to the fairytale “Boudoir” that had thousands of flowers hanging from the ceiling .

The guests had the opportunity to hold the “Hermès Horse Award” and pose in a custom- made picture frame, inspired by Ilias Kafouros’ recent collaboration with Hermès. I left the party with a bouquet corsage of fresh flowers on my wrist, holding my “Hermès Horse Award”picture….I felt like “Alice” that had just stepped out of “Wonderland” or, more accurately, like “F.” stepping out of the “Hermès Wonderland”. I had been transferred to the most sophisticated rabbit hole, where colors were bright, the quality impeccable, silk softer than ever, inspiration & tradition ran deep and class was authentic, unpretentious and appreciated.






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