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K-STUDIO a Phenomenal Greek Architecture Firm

I’m so proud to write about K-Studio, an architecture firm based in Athens, Greece, not only because it was established by UCL graduates, Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis, whom I have known since childhood, but more importantly because it has created some astonishing, well-known projects, both locally and internationally. To me, their work over the years is a testament that the Greek talent has no limits. And that creative experimentation and fresh thinking can lead to exciting architectural experiences on every scale and in all aspects of life.

The studio, originally established in 2002, has grown over the years with a multi-national staff and two studios. One in Athens and one in London, Hackney. Between the two studios they work on projects that are located all over the world: London, Athens, the Greek islands, France, Switzerland, Turkey, Chicago, Thailand and Israel.

Below, I have picked some of my favorite projects to showcase:



Type: Beach club
Location:  Mykonos, Greece
Status: Completed 2015



Scorpios is a holistic place. It was developed by a cross-disciplinary design team, led by Michael Schickinger of Lambs and Lions, as the visionary and creative director of the project. Inspired by Michael’s vision, K-studio worked closely with him and Annabell Kutucu, the interior decorator, to develop Scorpios’ master plan and architectural language. The design result is an atmospheric experience that celebrates beach culture.

To suit its site and context, Scorpios has been infused with traditional materials and construction techniques found in Cycladic architecture and has been peppered with collected objects found by Michael and Annabell on their travels.



Type: Private house
Location: Skiathos, Greece
Status: Completed 2011


Plane House, the overall winner in the ‘Best Vacation House’ category of the KTIRIO Magazine 30th Anniversary Awards, is a family vacation home on the Greek island of Skiathos. The aim of the project was to merge internal and external space, maximizing the benefits of both and minimizing the impact on the surrounding landscape. Horizontal planes are inserted into the slope, providing levels for sunbathing, sleeping and eating, as well as a vast, open area of shade, maintaining the stunning 270 degree view over the coastline.



Type: Restaurant
Location: London, UK
Status: Completed July 2014



OPSO is an all-day restaurant, situated on the corner of Paddington Street and Nottingham Place in the London neighborhood of Marylebone. The brief was to create a design that would reflect the overall philosophy of the restaurant: Greek inspired, London made! For this concept and in order to successfully depict the design, the menu and the branding had to come together coherently in one identity. The whole team worked closely to ensure that the design of the space was a natural physical extension of the OPSO concept.

The interior combines natural materials found in old Athens eating places, such as Kavala marble wall cladding and table tops, and the hand-laid Terrazzo flooring, as well as updated interpretations of traditional design elements. such as oak panelling, leather upholstery and various brass accents. Warm, polished plaster walls are interrupted by a triptych of ceramic tiled murals by the artist Joanna Burtenshaw, that illustrate the restaurants focus on social dining and the sourcing of quality ingredients from England and Greece.



Type: Delicatessen & Restaurant
Location: New York, USA



HECO is a Greek Deli-Restaurant-Bar in downtown New York. It is a multifunctional space that accommodates a restaurant, a bar, a deli, private dining and private events. These multiple services unfold within the restaurant at different intervals. The space becomes a flexible stage for a variety of performances throughout the day. The design aims to celebrate the materials and the construction techniques of traditional Greek architecture and interpret them in fresh forms and combinations. The aim was to depict Greek social dining attitude and culture, whilst making it feel exciting and contemporary.

As the concept was inspired by the white washed houses of the Greek Cycladic islands, the floor and the walls merge to form a topography utilized by the activities taking place in each area. The ceiling follows a reflection of this topography in a landscape of vertical pine rods. This deep surface screens the mechanical and electrical systems, while the lights hidden within filter through like dappled sunlight.



Type: Beach Club
Location: Milas, Mugla, Turkey


Dramatically perched beside the crystal clear waters and white sands of Çivit Koyu, are the stunning Anhinga Restaurant and Sunset Cocktail Bar. In unique surroundings, Anhinga is a place to relax, catch the sun, the energy, the vibe and, most importantly, indulge in the cuisine of the renowned Italian Chef Liberato Mazza, as well as the modern cocktails of the mixologist Angelo Trisciuzzi.




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