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KARPATHOS, a Dodecanese wild beauty

KARPATHOS has been a  revelation and, definitely, a Dodecanese island I would love to go to again next summer! I decided to go there, when a friend of mine  (with family roots and a house on the island), showed me some pictures on her phone. I instantly fell in love with the the island’s wild beauty, crystal clear waters, awesome beaches, as well as with Olympos, a picturesque mountain village with local traditions and legends, worthy of its own separate post!


Having my rocky moment on the way to Lefkos beach


First encounter; took an early flight, arrived at the Alimouda Mare Hotel at 7:00 am and got to see this magical Karpathian sunrise!


Pigadia Town View


Kyra-Panagia Beach (an afternoon view from the top in pic below)



– Kyra-Panagia
– Apella (Amazing Beach)
– Ahata
– Diakoftis
– Ammopi (small natural bay, perfect for a windy day)
– Lefkos (amazing waters, 40’min drive from main town)
– Kato Lefkos (my favorite one!)
– Agios Nikolaos (Arkasa)
– Christou Pigadi
– Damatria (amazing waters & beach)
– Akrotiri


In Town
Ellinikon (must try the “Kassiotika Ntolmadakia” aka stuffed wine leaves)
Al Porto (for Pizza)
Anoi (best place for drinks & late night cocktails. Must try the Grapefruit Spritzer!)

Out of Town
Delfinia in Finiki area (for perfect lobster pasta)
Emiri in Finiki area (for fresh fish try the “fagri”fish)
Kato Apo ta Dedra / Under the Trees (so picturesque! went there on the way to Kato Lefkos beach & fell in love with the scenery!)
Poseidon at Damatria beach (greek cuisine with a twist! ask for the crunchy tuna tartar)
– Apella: Visit the tavern on top of the parking lot (must try the fava, grilled calamari and fresh caper leaves salad)
Number One tavern at Kyra-Panagia

*Note: Whatever you do, make sure you try the traditional Karpathian MAKAROUNES (wholewheat spaghetti with butter and fried onions –  a sin worth making!)


Alimounda Mare Hotel (pricey)
Astron Princess Hotel (less “posh” and less expensive)



Apella Beach


Apella beach – “Gone Fishing” moment!


Kato Lefkos


Karpathos wild beauty



Ammopi Beach


View on the way to Olympos Village



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