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KARPATHOS – Olympos Village

Olympos, a mountain village a one-hour-drive away from town, was my greatest hook to go to Karpathos… I had been told about a legend surrounding it, whereby once you visit it, you are greeted by local women, who  – more or less – force you to put on a “Mantila” (aka traditional greek head-scarf), and then make a wish! Story has it that, within a year, your wish will be granted…
It did’t take much to convince my always adventurous Auntie  (a teenager at heart) and my equally crazy beautiful friends Stef & Zoe (my awesome gang and, pretty much, the ones responsible for the best summer of my life!) – to join me on this trip. Together and within 3 days, we explored the whole of Karpathos, climbed every rock, swam in every beach, ate Makarounes*, drank as much greek wine as we could hold, took a gazillion pics and selfies, almost never slept (well, auntie did in the car for a bit…) and wished upon the sacred “Mantila”!

*Makarounes (wholewheat spaghetti with butter and fried onions –  a sin worth making!)


Olympos Village, view from above


Hanging out with the locals! If you want to do the “Mantila” look for Mrs Foula (pic above), she is the sweetest and kindest of them all. She also believes that the “Mantila legend” is a complete and utter tourist trap! (but hey, no harm in trying… Right?!)






– Greek souvenirs and local “Barbies”!
– Makarounes
– Rakomelo with coffee (traditional digestive alcohol drink)
– Karpathian Honey
– Oregano




Spot Zoe hanging out by the church-bell and me, “casually” strolling around.


(Random, totally creepy duck on the top left!)


Dancing on the rooftops… Must be the “Mantila”!


*  Gorgeous Stef  & gorgeous Auntie are both featured in the opening pic!


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