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“Noperation” the ultimate Summer Cocktail!

It was my friend Nikolaos Mitilineos who introduced me to the delicious Nopera, a high quality sweet Samian wine of the Muscat variety. He continues the tradition of his father Evangelos and the Nopera family and along with Yiannis Kostakis, a third generation viticulturist and wine producer, they have created a model, organic and biodynamic Samian vineyard, aiming at the enrichment of the local territoire complexity and the restoration of its former glory.

What is more, they have come up with an awesome Nopera Cocktail recipe – a high-end killer version of a spritzer to be consumed literally from dusk till dawn! Guaranteed to make your summer unforgettable!

Get the recipe below:



In a bordeaux wine glass full of ice cubes, mix:
– 50ml Nopera sweet Samian wine
– 100ml Prosecco
–  Add an orange peel




Also check the Roya, whose unique combination of richness, acidity and freshness, topped up with a twist of the exotic, makes it one of the best dry muscat wines of Samos!


Photo Credit Anna Tagalou


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