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Pink Trouble

Pink Trouble was created by my favorite mixilogist Spyros Kerkyras, exclusively for theFMartini. Yes, it’s delicious. Yes, we had quite a few, for tasting purposes  – obviously! And Yes, we managed to stay out of trouble!  I contemplated making it theFMartini signature cocktail, but I loved the other recipe, as well, so I decided to keep them both.

Pink Trouble

– 30 ml London Dry Gin
– 25 ml Lychee Liqueur
– 5 ml Orgeat Syrup
– 15 ml Pink Grapefruit
– 5 ml Fresh Lime Juice
– Spray with Aperol

Method: Shake & Double Strain
Garnish: Dry rose petals






Photos credit: Anna Tagkalou 

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