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I’m falling in love with #SKIATHOS over time, and the more I visit it, it’s becoming evident to me that, at this stage of my life, this is my favorite Greek island to be! I had been many times in the past in Skiathos, but I can’t say I was as infatuated as I am today.  As with every destination, however, if you visit it with “the right people” and get to go to “the right places“, then you get a sense of the local vibe, you find all the hidden gems and have the best food! You experience the best of what the island has to offer and get to see the sheer beauty of it!

This is what happened to me last summer and ever since, I keep going back to Skiathos. It all began with Zoe (my partner in crime for the past few years), who invited me to stay at Stef’s (an extraordinary man & host, and I mean this, in every sense!). I got high on Stef’s unbeatable enthusiasm for this island; he has spent all his summers there, he knows every single spot and hidden knuck. He introduced me to everyone and I got to meet all the local superheroes. I adored Savvas – the owner of the legendary  “The Borzoi club” & “Kalokairi Store” –  a true entrepreneur,  who always has a  smile on his face and a story about Skiathos to tell! Fell under the spell of Katerina – the owner of “M.I.N.T.” a winter club and Skiathian hub – the sexiest siren, kindest heart and best barwoman I’ve ever seen! Laughed to tears with Rania, who has the canteen next to “Kastro”, an amazing persona that trully has no match! Got into a spiritual trip with Mirka’s massages & reiki, who’s healing hands can unblock all your chakras! Danced the night away with Nikos & Giorgos that have the town’s new restaurant “Basilikos”. And sang all sorts of greek hits at “Roes” with Eva, who has a smashing voice!

So, here are some tips and spots I’ve gathered from our #theFMartiniAdventures, along with some pics from our latest shenanigans in May.

Chez Rikamvilia’s the venue of all our Skiathian adventures!

Banana Beach

Tsougria Island – Dream waters!!!

Gina the cat dog!

Hiking into the woods

The “Sunshines” team!

Skiathos view from the top


– Koukounaries
– Banana
– Aselinos
– Tsougria (my favorite! Access by rib boat)
– Lalaria (access by rib boat)

 Day boat trips

– Alonissos island
– Skopelos island
– Pelion


– Spent a day at “Nikolaki’s Alternative Fishing Trips ( and ask for Patricia – the coolest gal in town!)
– Agios Alexandros church (best sunset view)
– Visit Kastro (and stop by Rania’s Canteen for french fries and fried eggs!)
– Hike (everywhere in the island it’s so serene)
– Sozos Monastery (it has an indigo blue interior!)

* Nikolaki’s Alternative Fishing Trips location:  Old Port
Reservations: +30 6934866146, +30 69489826260 email: nikolakisfishingtrips@gmail.com

FB: Nikolakis Alternative Fishing Trips 


Eat / Drink /Party

The Borzoi Club @the_borzoi_club (my absolute favorite place to eat, drink & party!)
M.I.N.T. BAR @katherinemint (aka Skiathos Headquarters  – open only in winter)
Lia’s Tavern (amazing greek food)
– Basilikos Restaurant (new entry, new hotspot in town)
– Amfiliki Greek Tavern (incredible food, love the stingray dish!)
Bakaliko Greek Tavern ( get the shrimps & mushrooms dish & “Tsitsiramvlos” salad!)
Marmita Restaurant (has the perfect little romantic courtyard to dine al fresco)
Salty Bone – Beach Bar (new amazing entry!)
Bourtzi (for an afternoon snack / coffee it has the best view in town)
Skiathos Palace Hotel  (for an afternoon aperitivo at the roof terrace – this place has an old glamour vibe)
Roes (after hours greek live music)
Apotheke Club (after hours greek club – If you’ve made it there… then for sure you’ve had a looong night!)
De Facto the only gay bar in Skiathos (after hours)



– Kalokairi Store  @kalokairistore
(the best place to shop get your hands on Ancient Greek Sandals and Christina Economou outfits!)



Skiathos Princess Hotel
– Mandraki Skiathos


The Borzoi Club

The red staircase lead to M.I.N.T. where @katherinemint magic happens!


Kalokairi Store! The best place to shop

On rooftops with @giannis_stra  at Agios Alexandros church – one of the best sunset views in Skiathos

Agios Alexandros church – one of the best sunset views in Skiathos

with Zoe my love and partner in crime!

with Stef creator of all “Skiathian Sunshines”!





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