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Three Cents “Gentlemen’s Soda” (Ladies love it, too!)

I’m a great fan and supporter of Greek products and Greek success stories, and Three Cents could be no exception, as it also happens to combine my  love for cocktails & drinks! In one of my recent bar expeditions, I discovered the Three Cents, new flavor called “Gentlemen’s Soda“. It is a unique Mediterranean citrus flavor of aromatic bergamont and zesty mandarin. Refreshing scents along with flavorsome natural ingredients and carbonated water make it one of the most delicious mixers in the market! Perfect to have plain with ice or in a citrus flavored cocktail… Yes, there is a custom recipe coming up on the blog!

I was impressed by the name Three Cents, which was inspired from the price of the soda during the period of Great Depression. Soda back then was the cheapest soft drink based on carbohydrated water, as it cost only two cents; adding syrup to enhance its flavor raised the price of the drink to three cents, and that’s where the name came from! Three Cents was created by four Greek men, Vassilis Kalantzis, George Bagos, George Tsirikos and Dimitris Dafopoulos, who shared the same passion for mixing the perfect drinks. They wished to create a product that could balance the ingredients of a cocktail or a long drink, while bringing out its flavors and aromas and still maintain its fizziness. Three Cents is a line of premium beverages made of natural ingedients, with no preservatives or artificial coloring, created by carbonating water in very high pressure to ensure long lasting carbonation and flavor.

*Photos by the ultimate Food Photographer, Food Stylist and Chef @ChristinaVlahoulis .






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