What is Thermiva ??! Interview with Professor Peter Nikolaidis, Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fetal Medicine Specialist

I use my blog to write about stories that inspire me and people I love & admire. This is a post of a very HOT topic, concerning a high percentage of women in their late 30s and over. It is an interview of not only a magnificent doctor, Professor Peter Nikolaidis; Obstetrician, Gynaecologist & Fetal Medicine Specialist , but also of a magnificent man! I know this for a fact, because he also happens to be… my stepfather! On all accounts, it takes a great man to be able to love and care for a stepchild as if it were his own, and this is exactly what he has done for me (and I haven’t been a piece of cake, either). So, on this very Q & A, I’m proud to write about him and the non-invasive Vulvovaginal Application he is the first to have introduced in Greece,  Thermiva, or else, as I like to call it: “The Vagina Rejuvenation Machine” ! Yes, you read that correctly… Get the full analysis below:

Q & A

What is Thermiva?

Thermiva is a breakthrough non-surgical feminine rejuvenation treatment for women that want to reverse the effects of childbirth and aging. It is a vulvovaginal application, which uses radiofrequency to gently heat tissue. It has been designed to treat multiple vaginal conditions that concern a large percentage of women. Studies have shown the procedure to help with issues such as: a) urinary incontinence: treatments may lessen urine leakage  symptoms b) vaginal looseness: treatments may tighten the vaginal canal if needed. For mild prolapse, this may be an option instead of a surgical procedure c) labia looseness: treatments may tighten the labia majora, if loose and saggy. This will give a more youthful appearance to the external vagin d) vaginal dryness and pain: treatments may promote internal and external vaginal moisture. This is especially useful in postmenopausal patients, who do not want to or cannot use estrogen replacement e) Problems with Sexual Sensation: treatments may increase sensitivity, cause stronger vaginal contractions and quicker orgasms and  f) first degree vaginal prolapse . All the above are succesfully  treated with NO SURGERY,  the results are immediate and can be felt from the very first treatment!

What is the target women-audience of this treatment?

It concerns a variety of women and of different ages. From young women that due to natural birth might experience stress-urinary, to women above 45,  who due to menopause or pre-menopause, do not produce enough  estrogens, and as result, they experience vagina aging and atrophy because of lack of hormones. Thermiva combats vaginal looseness, labia looseness, vaginal dryness and pain, mild incontinece, problems with sexual dysfunction, overactive bladder, stress incontence caused after a difficult labor. So, there is a vast range of issues that can be handled successfully.

What is the procedure?

Thermiva is a non-surgical & non-invasive Vulvovaginal Application. No laser cutting! No sutures! No downtime or recovery period. There is no vaginal discharge as with lasers and the patient can return to her daily activities after treatment. The procedure lasts 30 – 40 min and is performed in our office. This technology is based  on radiofrequency, used to gently heat tissue, the temperature is controlled at all times and it promotes a very comfortable warmth. This is done through a disposable, single use, thin-hand piece, similar to those used in gynaecological ultrasounds. It requires three sessions / treatments (every 30 to 40 days) and the results are immediate and last for 9 – 12 months. An additional treatment might be recommended once a year, in case of persistent symptoms or minor relapse. Thermiva promotes tightening of vulvovaginal tissue & new collagen and elastin formation that results in tighter, softer and smoother skin.

Where is it from?

Dr. Red Alinsod  is instrumental in the developement of aesthetic vulvovaginal surgery. He is currently the Medical Director for Women’s Health for Thermi Aesthetics, developing specific devices and treatments for women who suffer from labial and vaginal laxity. Dr. Peter Nikolaidis had the great opportunity to personally fly to Los Angeles and get trained on this exclusive method by Dr. Red Alinsod  himself! Always a pioneer in his field, Dr. Peter Nikolaidis then brought the first Thermiva Application to Greece and is currently performing the first Thermiva treatments with great success.

Important ThermiVa Safety Considerations
Thermi radio frequency products should not be used on patients who are pregnant, have fever or skin infection in or around the area of treatment. Treating  physicians should perform required testing to confirm patient is negative for infection or pregnancy. Patient should be awake and monitored during the procedure for any unexpected symptoms. Expected procedure side effects may include transient pain in procedure area, erythema and edema.


A few words about Professor Peter Nikolaidis

Professor Peter Nikolaidis is an Obstetrician , Gynaecologist and Fetal Medicine Specialist. He is the founder and scientific director of EMBRYOIATRIKI GENETIKI, which is one of the most specialized centers worldwide in  Fetal Ultrasound, prenatal diagnosis and fetal genetics. He was proclaimed Doctor of the University of Athens at a young age by achieving a degree in  medicine and left to England, where he underwent almost all the specialties in Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the two most known University hospitals in the country, the Hammersmith and Queen Charlotte’s.
He is the one to have used for the first time the term “Fetal Medicine ” and he is the first to have introduced all the new prenatal fetal tests. Rightly regarded as the founder and father of the Fetal Medicine examinations in Greece. Always a pioneer in his field of work, he is the first to introduce the non-invasive Vulvovaginal Application Thermiva in Greece.

For more information about Thermiva treatments in Greece & appointments, please contact:

Dr. Petros Nikolaidis

Leof. Kifisias 49 & Ziridi 1, Marousi
Postal Code 15123, Attica
Tel: 210 6199000


*Video & feature image by Ilectra Poirazoglou

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