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The Yoga Mama Club – Weekend retreat in Sifnos!

Invited by Sophie Ravier, the woman behind The Yoga Mama Club, I travelled to Sifnos to do a yoga weekend retreat for the closing of the summer season. I thought I was going there just to chill a bit from my continuous state of anxiety and get my muscles fired up again with the help of my bestie Zoe Karamani, who is an amazing Ashtanga teacher. But this was only part of the experience… The Yoga Mama Club is about rebooting and feeling inspired; it is really about Sophie Ravier’s energy & good intentions that aim to bring people together and offer a mini, rejuvenating, soul-soothing break. Sophie left her home base in Paris a few years ago, along with her high-end globe trotting career in PR & Communications, to find a new home in Sifnos and  make her dream come true: create The Yoga Mama Club. A tailor-made yoga & wellness experience that brings  together spiritual experts, holistic treatments and Chefs that specialize in healthy nutrition, in one-of-a-kind locations around the world. Her story reminds me  of the “Eat, Pray & Love” character, and hits too close to home, as I feel that I, too, I’m navigating new territories at this stage of  my life. So, I went there looking for some extra inspiration and advice, which she was more than eager and excited to share.

The retreat took place in Kamaroti Suites Hotel, a peaceful setting with a spectacular view. We were a group of eight from Paris, Athens , Turkey and Italy and, during the weekend that followed, we had two amazing 2hour lenght classes of Ashtanga Yoga with Zoe Karamani, in a studio overlooking the sea. Zoe skillfully led our breathing, pushed our bodies, streched our muscles and kept us focused throughout her practice. We all, then, had blissfully relaxing massages in the evening and, moreover, we he had the opportunity to explore Sifnos, have lunch and dine at the best places that Sophie had handpicked for us. But most of all, we bonded and laughed, we shared stories, experiences and thoughts away from our home bases, daily routines, stresses and social circles. We were just people seeking to hit pause for a bit and unwind. Scroll through the pics below to see our The Yoga Mama Club weekend adventures!


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